Nomad is a touring mission team that comes
under the YFC One banner. Nomad travel the
country taking a metal football cage to
schools, communities, churches and the streets
of Britain. Whilst coaching and running 2v2
football, the team interact with young people
in and around the cage. Nomad will teach PE
lessons, lead assemblies and run youth
sessions. As a member of Nomad, you will have
the chance to build relationships with young
people, experience a variety of cultures and
share your testimony across Britain.

Nomad aims to deliver mission through a
completely new sporting approach. Spending some
of the year in a local area and some touring
from city to city, Nomad use their combined
sports skills and equipment to take Good News
to the courts, pitches and streets of Great
Britain and wider. Delivering football in a
cage, the Nomad team take sport to the streets
of Great Britain, revolutionising the way
church meets with young people in their

As with all of our YFC One options, you will
receive all of the training that the other
volunteers do and you will additionally be put
through the FA Level 1 Coaching course, so that
you will be a qualified football coach.