Administration/drama performance.


An unusally opportunity to help both on stage and behind the
scenes. Good computer and communition skills will be needed. This
position is a combination of helping with the administration side of
oddments but also performing as you will be included in a number
of dramas to be performed at churches, schoolls and prisons. 6
months to 12 months placement. October 16 -Early July 17

Oddments offer People serving God in Admin/performaning arts an
Opportunity to join their full time team. The work will be of great
diversity. Including administration and including performing at
schools, churches and prisons as well as producing radio
programmes for Christian media.

The year is split into phases:

1) Training and rehearsal
2) primary schools & family productions
3) Prison and Church performances
4) Secondary schools presentation
6) Touring show (aimed at adult audience)
7) Christain festivals and radio

Basic facts:

Time :- Set 14- Early Aug 15 (or join in Jan 15)
Holiday :- 6/7 weeks
Accomodation :- Team house or host family
Support :- Your own mentor
Cost you pay:- 500- 1250 depending on stay

Includes :- Food,
Age acceptance :-18- 35 ish

While the majority of work will be drama based, there will be
opportunities for people with a gifting in other areas such as
singing, music and mime. Oddments encourages individuals to be
creative and you be asked to work as a whole team to develop your
own drama without the leadership input. (This is a favouirite of all
teams) You will also be involved in the day to day running of the
group and admin and you gain gain experieice of putting on events
from start to finsih. It will be an amazing year, at time hard work
but fun. You know God is usuing you to reach out to others in the
gifting of performing arts and well as developing spiritually

We do accept mature 18 year olds, However the majority of the
team is beween 20 -35

Last year team gave the overal programme ove 80% satisfaction with
the year. Accomation 90% satisfaction and the outreaches 85-90%
depending on which type of outreach.

Place are very limited and application are taken on first come bases.

Full details

Contact us

01935 47 15 47
076961 878 800