Stance is a touring missions team that comes
under the YFC One banner. The team use a
variety of urban dance styles to build
relationships with young people and share their
faith. Started in September 2012, Stance have
had a brilliant couple of years on the road
delivering high-class mission around the UK. If
you've got a passion for reaching young people
with Good News, and you have talent in dance,
then we'd love to hear from you. This year's
team is all female, but we'd love to have a mix
in our future teams.

During your year with Stance, you would receive
quality teaching on youth work and have the
chance to get a qualification in youth work by
the end of the year. After the ETC residential
at the start of the year, where you get to meet
the other YFC One volunteers, you would then
work with the rest of the Stance team, learning
the moves that you'll perform throughout the
year. There is a choreographer who works
alongside Stance, giving expert tips and
advice. As the year goes on, more chances to
perform arise, and opportunities increase to
share your testimony and faith to young people.
If you think you might fit this role, then get
in touch with us.