Are you passionate about dance? Do you long to
express your faith through dance?

Elevate Dance Company and Elevate Dance
Foundation are intensive dance courses
providing the opportunity to train in a
nurturing Christian environment and express
yourself and your faith through dance. Create,
teach and perform vibrant, faith-filled dance
under the professional guidance of Springs
Dance Company.

Elevate Dance Company is a year-long training
course culminating in a tour to the UK and
often beyond.
Elevate Dance Foundation is a shorter course
for those of all levels wanting to improve
their dance and teaching skills. Students train
for three months alongside Elevate Dance

In both courses you will be pushed to develop
physically and encouraged spiritually by our
experienced and supportive staff.

To apply, please fill out an online application
form and you will be invited to audition at our
base in Lee, London.

"Elevate is a wonderful experience. I have been
pushed to step out of my comfort zone, as well
as growing personally, artistically and
spiritually. We have been challenged and
encouraged. Each moment will be engraved in my
-Jessy (Elevate 2017-18)