Undivided is a Christian gap year program run by Ellel Ministries which is designed
for 18-25 year olds who are passionate about Jesus, long to live for Him with an
undivided heart and want to share His life-transforming love with others.

At Ellel Ministries we are committed to seeing Christians grow in their relationship
with God – set free from the issues of life that hold them back and set on a course
to fulfil their destiny in Him.

Undivided will give you an opportunity to experience exactly that. Living and
serving at one of our centres in the UK, you will be challenged to grow closer to
God so that you can live for Him with your whole heart. You will receive teaching in
healing and discipleship, have opportunity to deal with some of the struggles of
your own life and will also start to learn how to minister God’s healing to others –
seeing first-hand how He can heal and restore.

For further information about the program, or to apply for Undivided, visit our
website here: https://ellel.uk/get-involved/serve/undivided/