We have two Christian hostels, called ‘Shelter’, in the heart of Amsterdam. Our mission is twofold: first of all, we want to share God’s love with travelers in our hostels. Every year we receive around 40.000 guests. For us this means 40.000 opportunities to share the good news of Jesus! All year about 35 Christian volunteers (18-30) spend (a part of) their gap year volunteering in our ministry, by running the hostels. Preparing food, serving guests, being a great host at reception or leading our cleaning program: it is all part of work. But most important is connecting to our guests – travelers from all over the world. Our desire is to make guests feel welcomed and at home. By creating this safe atmosphere, we hope that people feel free to open up and connect about deeper things in life.

Secondly, we want to equip and disciple our volunteers for a life of ministry and service. People who join our team come from different backgrounds. Some have experience in evangelism and ministry, and for others it is a very new experience. However, we don’t offer different gap year programs. All volunteers, whether they stay for one month or a full gap year, are offered the same program: our Ministry Training Program (MTP). In weekly MTP sessions we will provide you with the necessary tools to run a hostel and grow in evangelism. But most of all we want to help you grow on a personal level and in your relationship with God. We don’t expect you to know everything when you come to work with us. Above all, we just want you to be open and willing to grow with and learn from other Christians in our community!

If you love to meet new people, live in an international Christian community, experience diverse cultures and share the gospel within a safe environment, don’t hesitate and join our volunteer program! Serve God, grow in your faith and share his love with people from all over the world!

For more information, check out our website: www.youthhostelministry.org. We are looking forward to meeting you! :-)