We have two Christian hostels in the heart of Amsterdam. In these hostels we want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the travelers that are staying with us. Both hostels are run by Christian volunteers (18 to 30 y/o) from all over the world. We train and equip them to engage in hospitality and evangelism in a culturally relevant manner.

We offer one volunteer program for all members of our team: all volunteers work in the hostels and live in our Christian community house. Everyone works five to six days a week in the hostels, about five to six hours a day. Volunteers get scheduled for various practical shifts and outreach activities in the hostels. You may learn to work at the reception desk, be a small group leader, organize several evangelism activities or work as a cleaner supervisor. The longer you stay, the broader your range of responsibilities. We do not expect you to come knowing everything; we merely hope that you’ll be eager to share Christ while learning new things, stepping out of your comfort zone and growing in your faith.

Maybe sharing the gospel sounds still a bit scary for you. Or maybe you are the opposite and you have no greater passion than sharing your faith with people who don’t know him yet. No matter if you are an experienced street evangelist or a rookie, there are numerous ways to share God’s love in our hostels and to grow in ways of doing that. We offer a safe and yet adventurous setting to grow in evangelism and learning how to share your faith in new ways.

For more information, check out our website: www.youthhostelministry.org. We are looking forward to meeting you! :-)