25th March 2020

Ministry & Theology Training and Placement

Train up in ministry and theology for your gap year! Equip North East offer practical ministry experiences in the North East of England. If you want to be challenged and have fun whilst doing so, then Equip North East offer one year of ministry experience whilst completing your level 3 training in ministry and theology alongside. The level 3 training is accredited by Moorlands Bible College and all placements are tailored to the individual`s gifts and interests!

Are you passionate about worship? Youth work? Evangelism? Whatever it is, you can find your place and calling with Equip North East. The Gap Year runs from September through to July and the training days (two per week) take place in Sunderland, with the other three days of the week on placement in one of the local churches or helping one of the local Christian organisations.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and explore and expand your understanding of Christianity whilst doing some valuable hands on work. Meet people, learn and grow on this fantastic gap year opportunity.