Listing your vacancies

If you are looking for people to serve to serve God in your organisation, you list your vacancies, as follows:

  1. Create an account by providing the details listed below
  2. Pay for the account using instructions provided
  3. Return to the site, log in and create the listings using instructions provided

Create an account

We will invoice annully for renewals.
If you do not want to renew, please reply to the Email when the invoice is issued.


"Dear Year 4 God,
We have just had an application for our team for next year from a 19 year old girl who found us on the website! She sounds perfect. Thank you!!!!"
Challenge Team

Our subscription was valuable - thank you - we would just like to pick it up next year when we need to recruit again. It was through you that we got one of our year outs. :)
Hope Community Church

"Many thanks for your site. Our organisation has had a good number of enquiries about our Gap Year in the last 6 months. It is most definitely worth having a listing with Year4God and we shall continue to do so"
Adventure Plus

"Just to let you know you site is wonderful - We got more people applying from the site than from printed maginize adverts which we paid a few hundred for. This is our first choice everytime."
Oddments theatre